Blog. Nov '18. The Compass EP 

 I'd love to be a more prolific songwriter. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I want to be sure the music I put out has a bit of grain, lift and meaning.

So as a result, I discard many of the pieces I write which could easily be filler for an album - but an upside is I'm really pleased with the 4 tracks that made the cut to this EP!

This release is pretty much the first set of songs that I have written with a specific root subject - namely the passing of my parents a couple of years ago - and I wanted to celebrate them as best I could. 
Lyrically the previous EPs were written in a more abstract vein -  mental images, general belief systems et al - and the instrumentation and Hangs were almost always in the driving seat. So getting a bunch of words down to convey such a massive emotional subject has been quite a challenge, which became more cathartic as the songs matured. 

So as I say -  these songs hopefully convey celebration, release and finding the way home - together, as one. Hence the title.  

Anyway, enough navel-gazing. Massive thanks to Mark Tucker at Green Room for the production on these tracks, and for convincing me to have the vocal much more to the front than I'm used to :-) 

I really hope you enjoy this EP - you can stream and/or purchase from the music page - and that you may feel inspired to buy it :-) 



Waking up from the night  
I'm back from desert shores  
where everything we touch  
turns stone and closes doors  

if we fall down, into pieces  
send a seed on the breeze  
if the cure is worse than the disease is  
send a seed on the breeze  

Mapping routes in the ground  
while nights are closing in  
we've no better place to go  
we'll end when she begins 


Seen it in your eyes  
seen you reaching out  
from the inside  

Heard that shadowed mind  
seeking to divide  
from the inside  

So tell me where's the spark  
to collide and fight the dark  
from the inside  

Come out from the inside 


Late last night  
as shadows fall  
and clouds fly backwards  
under bright lights  
thunderclaps scaring the actors  
message becomes clear  
moving on from a low  
nothing left to fear so  
together let go  

This hollow man  
dreams this dream he's dreaming about you  
I'm thick with sound  
soaked to the skin  
and drenched in your truth  
when our leaves turn brown  
and love swallows us whole  
nothing left to fear so  
let go 


Love clears the mind  
fear kills us all  
the fire that we make  
carries us home  
deep water I'm in  
goes over my head  
I did what I did  
said what I said  

Made mistakes  
things we do alone  
the needle it spins  
the compass points home  

Love is the water  
the compass points home  

Fear is the fire  
to warm up our hands  
burns down the houses  
lays waste our land  

love is the water  
the compass points home.